Saturday, September 5, 2009

“Anti-Brahmin movement” is not the antidote to illiteracy!

It is ironic to argue especially an economist (yahh after he is a labour peer!) that:

  • the anti-Brahmin movement in the South which began in the 19th century raised the standards of literacy and social welfare there way above the North. Thus Mandal may cause ructions in the North but in the South there has been positive discrimination for the entire 20th century thanks to the anti-Brahmin movement.
  • In the Bimaru states there never was an anti-Brahmin movement, illiteracy and upper caste oppression. Thus India struggles with the low human development in the most populous areas while the South marches ahead.

Then, what is development mean? To my mind we need to simply remember the India’s reform period however it has go long way, but there is a clear cut lesson to learn.

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