Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Early Indian economists

Last Friday I attended a talk delivered by Mr.J Krishnamurty on "The Rise of the Indian Economist Before Independence" at IIC, New Delhi. The talk was based on his book published recently.

Though, I had healthy discussion with him after the talk. But the talk was not very interesting. Mr Krishnamurty was not very sure about many of the economists (listed in his book) works in totality. He is also more confused on taking position about works of economists like B. R. Ambedkar, B.R.Shenoy, S.V.Doraiswmi, C.N Vakil, etc. His conclusion about early Indian economists is disaster. In fact, some of them are factually incorrect. He says that almost all the early (since 1930) Indian economists were "Keynesians" which is not true at all.

I simply ask why should the retired people take pleasure in the History of Indian Economic Thoughts, let alone the subject remain in infant?

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