Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interesting reading

I have been travelling a bit for some time and will be back soon!

Meanwhile, you may like to read the following articles:
  • "What do you call an Indian economist who keeps attacking Indo-US economic ties? A US diplomat posted in India in the 1970s called professor B R Shenoy of the Delhi-based The Economics Research Centre, "a decent but a crackpot economist" whose "pearls of wisdom" have often been sent to various US political figures." More here.
"Among many thing that Dr Ambedkar’s party promised, the following were key issues that it would deal with on a priority basis if it came to power:
  1. Agriculture must be mechanised. Agriculture in India can never prosper so long as the method of cultivation remained primitive
  2. To mechanise farming, cultivation on small holdings must be replaced by large farms
  3. To increase the yield, there must be provision for adequate manure and for the supply of healthy seeds But here is a contradiction which is monumental in nature. The Communist movement opposed mechanisation of agriculture. In fact, opposing mechanisation of agriculture has been a big issue for them." More here.

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