Friday, April 26, 2013

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"India is a vibrant democracy, and as the economic system failed the economically weak, the political system tried to compensate."

Why we still need to read Hayek: Hayek Lecture at Duck by Professor John B Taylor

"He doesn’t want the odium of polarized votes to overshadow his development and governance agenda. At best it should be a collateral benefit. He is smart enough, certainly, to know that young Indians, while deeply religious themselves, have moved beyond wanting to see religion used as a political tool."

"Learned Hand once wrote something that seems like an apt description of the wider context: "A community is already in the process of dissolution where each man begins to eye his neighbour as a possible enemy, where non-conformity is a mark of disaffection, where denunciation, without specification or backing takes place of evidence, where orthodoxy chokes freedom of dissent, and where faith in the eventual supremacy of reason has become so timid that we dare not enter our convictions in open lists." More here.

“He must be prepared to speak about everything, and often about nothing. He is expected to preserve temples, to keep the currency steady, to satisfy third-class passengers, to patronise race meetings, to make Bombay and Calcutta each think that it is the Capital city of India, and to purify the police… If he does not reform everything that is wrong, he is told that he is doing too little, if he reforms anything at all, that he is doing too much.

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