Monday, January 3, 2011

I belong to a generation that worried about the links between science and society.

  • …….our Universities have to be more hospitable to creativity and genius, and less captive to bureaucracy and procedure. They should be more open to talent and to the challenge of new ideas.  

  • Scientific temper, we believed, would help India make the transition from a traditional to a modern society. We saw the development of science as intrinsic to the advancement of modernism, pluralism and liberalism. 

  • But, it is true that science has made strides even in societies that were neither modern nor liberal. It is true that the products of science have been put sometimes to illiberal uses. I sincerely believe we must guard against such tendencies, especially in our own blessed country. 

  • C. V. Raman won the Nobel Prize eighty years ago for the Raman Effect, most of the instruments available in India today using this principle are imported 

  • This is not an isolated example. Many of our outstanding scientific discoveries have been converted into marketable products by technologists and firms based abroad.  

(From Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh speech at the 98th Indian Science Congress in Chennai today) 

I belong to the generation of economic reforms which makes lives easy for everyone in this country, but reform pursued till now are not enough to make easy for majority of lives in this country. May the lord give almighty to these powerful people to realize the lives of the power less people of this country?

The powerful people cry for votes when the election drama takes place and powerless people cry for basic needs after and before the drama of election takes place. Some say it is a good play in every five year and celebrate the strengthen dramas for good show! But one thing in this drama making business, people forget is the delivery of services. 

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