Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China has emerged, more than India

Says Professor Rana Mitter,

Today, as funding for science in the West falls victim to budget cuts and government spending restraints, the Chinese are now at the cutting edge of technology in many areas. Chinese work on solar energy is widely regarded as world-beating. The Chinese space programme has already produced its first astronauts, and few would be surprised if China were to place a man or woman on the moon within the next decade.

The authorities have also sought to clean up the nature of Chinese academic culture. Many journals which publish shoddy or plagiarised work will be shut down. Many other journals have begun to publish in English, on the grounds that this is the only significant international scientific language. For the next few years, then, there is no reason that Chinese scientific research should not forge ahead even while freedom of discussion on political matters remains restricted. 

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  1. Well talking about 'China'...
    Raina mitra's article, commenced by epochic chinese event and curtailed by its scientific research progression, is really quite helpful in connecting to something concrete about chinese despondency on global bilateral parameters- started at early period of 1919
    Wondering on nostalgic 'May 4' show, we can just assume that, there might be a little difference in respect to years of initiation of 'Clean and Growth oriented Academic Reforms', but running till the end of almost nine decades, China scored much high in respect to its committed agendas on such reforms.