Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ideas of Cardinal Newman

M.K. Narayanan of West Bengal Governor says: 
  • Students, do not therefore, swerve from the straight and narrow path. In recent months, there have been occasions when students have resorted to tactics like gherao and violence, to demonstrate their protest over perceived grievances. While democratic protests are acceptable in a society, resort to violence needs to be avoided. As privileged individuals, you must understand this better than anyone else. I therefore appeal to you to avoid such tactics. The doors of the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor are always open to you if you need to talk. The University is a place where to use Cardinal Newman’s words once again, and I quote, “Rashness is rendered innocuous and error exposed by the collusion of mind with mind, and knowledge with knowledge.” 

  • Finally, I wish you well as you leave this institution. I only request you to maintain the high ideals of the institution and live by the advice that you have received from your teachers and others.

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  1. Even after 60+ years of freedom, some had experienced, whereas rest of all, have been awared by print or electronic media. Looking at each and every depiction, do anyone sought the manner in which the struggle and its scuffling hardships freedomfighters had beared on their own. This is something, which they purportered to clung out their minds. We hooks and demand pride for religious, democratical and rich cultural heritage, but tempts out when anything happened to our community and religion. But that kind of arrogance and anger is appzrently rested at peace, when country gets stumbed of terrorist attacks, when jammu kashmir flaunts with high flame, when girks below adoloscent girls get raped, when wives put to flame on unfulfilled demand of dowry. So for which we pursuade others to get self respect for our culture,... This is a complete blunder and against to the ethical fundamentals of human being...