Monday, January 31, 2011

Three beautiful books

This is the first time in my life received three beautiful books in January (2011) month. First (received on January 1st) one on “Institutional Theory of Poverty: A General Theory of Change from Poverty to Plenty” by Prof. Vedagiri Shanmugasundaram. It is a must read one. Few lines from his this book is worth to validate my likeness (don't forget to read the last line in the below points): 
  • Many errors in reasoning left the economist blindly trailing one or other of the hypotheses… 
  • The blind adherence of Keynesian deficit financing by Dr. VK.R.V Rao and his associates preferred their advice to Pandit Jawarhalal Nehru thus “Buckets of cement in Bhankra Nangal were better than of gold in the Reserve Bank of India vaults” 
  • The brilliant brains in the bureaucracy were put to work in wrong directions and much of the blame attributable to those in authority and policy making….. Bureaucracy to my mind is more sinned against than sinned. 
  • Keynesian fiscal extra veganza or model builders who are oblivious of important limitations which the centralized planned economy is unable to overcome.. 
  • ……the blunders of socialism in early decades 
  • Bureaucrats have kept the experts under their thumb, and politicians in their turn have sent the bureaucrats on wrong scent. The consequence is domestic poverty of ideas under the illusion of planning.  
  • Poverty is real. It is deliberately caused, and purposefully maintained. 

The second book (received on 10th) isThe New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East” by Professor Kishore Mahbubani. I have already posted about the book here.

And the third book (received on 21st) is “Remaking India: One Country, One Destiny by Arun Maira.

 I am currently reading this book and will post few things about the book and perhaps need of writing it!

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