Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nehru death @50th

It has been 50 year after India's first Prime Minister Nehru passed away. Given the kind of economic and social development we had all these years after his death, it is completely fair point to say that not much has been done to the masses of this vast country. For All wrong reasons he has been given due credit always. Here are some reading which appeared in today's print media about Nehru's good and bad things: I am too young to accept his good things, so i take mostly his bad things first!

"Nehru could have done better with the realism of Patel as well as the free market instincts of C. Rajagopalachari by his side, but the former died too early while the latter drifted off towards lonely dissent."

"The Nehruvian state, in this domain, had become, “maximum arbitrariness, minimum freedom”. Can creating the republic anew reverse this presumption, towards “maximum freedom, minimum arbitrariness”?"

"Even in Nehru’s time the system had become what C. Rajago­p­alachari, better known as Rajaji, rightly described as “licence-permit-quota raj” that inevitably bred corruption. This system should have been ended preferably by 1970. Sadly, Indira Gandhi stretched it too long primarily for political, not economic, reasons, as I.G. Patel, economic affairs secretary at that time, has recorded in the case of bank nationalisation."

"But they too could recognise, including stalwarts like Minoo Masani, a socialist of the 1930s who had become one of the founding members of the pro-free enterprise Swatantra Party in 1959 along with the true-blue conservative like C Rajagopalachari, who was close to Nehru before they drifted apart on the question of public sector dominating the economy"

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