Monday, May 26, 2014

Modi Govt invitation to President of Sri Lanka:

Modi Govt invitation to President of Sri Lanka:

This is something I have been thinking since last week about the PM Modi Govt's invitation to President of Sri Lanka. I would be very happy to know the views of my buddy domain experts like Jeganaathan Jayakumar,   

Being a Tamil, i find, there is nothing wrong in inviting President of Sri Lanka for the oath taking ceremony which just took place in New Delhi today. My main reasons are as follows:

First, people in Tamil Nadu (including politicians, different organisations etc.) along with rest of India has been blaming Sri Lankan President for years for his alleged role in killing of thousands of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. UN took some actions along with USA, what happened, nothing;

Second, time and again, there has been several incidences of arresting or attacking fishermen of Tamil Nadu. In order to stop such things in future there has to be a close coordination at top level, this is a great chance to take further;

Third, simply not talking to a neighbour for too long period is too dangerous and it cannot go on like it was in the past govt at centre. Remember, the unspeakable or poor spineless top leadership in India.

Fifth, believe it or not a new era of leadership is just beginning in our country with a mandate of new kind and new order ever in Indian political history. Why fear so in not talking to our immediate neighbours?

Sixth, this new govt's approach may be different from the past govt. Hence, there could be every possible constructive dialogue between countries and people.

Seventh, Let's do something beyond the blame game of any two nations and that's too without the intervention of third nations like USA or organisations like UN etc. Its time to think beyond the limited possibility of political will which may be conventionally ill defined. But let's define a new one which will take us to longer journey and a truly pragmatic journey with peace and prosperity.

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