Saturday, March 8, 2014

OPEN Letters to AAP & AK

It become big viral to do a wild motive of writing open letters invariably addressed to the new infant political party in India, the AAP and the infant politician Mr AK. Some letters are not at all good to read but its out there to judge the merit and content of it. Here are some list:

There are about 13 letters. All of these letters were written in the last two-three month. One of my friend has penned a very interesting two letters at CCS Blog, first and second. Prof.V Raghunathan has two letters: first and second. Letter of former supporter of AAP. Letter appeared in BS. Letter on former Law Minister of AAP government in Delhi. A blogger letter. Media blogger letter. Letter in Kashmir Times. DNA letter. Letter in fairobserver. Letter in TSE.

The use of AAP in Indian polity-Very objective analysis. Another one here.

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