Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nowhere or Somewhere in between?

Let's utter something on the politico economy of India. Forgot the numbers produced by the nunny State time and again. No doubt, the economy is undergoing a different plane and where it has headed is surely nobody's guess. Talk to anyone who is observing, doing business, working in policy or simply pondering over it compared to the rest of the economies in the world. Its simple common sense that till next government is in place, nothing can be said assured for progress and prosperity. But it does not mean that the people will simply not at work with their own commonsense to achieve progress and prosperity in life. 

This season is also about the high drama of elections in India. Biting the words has become a kind of business in modern society-always this or that. People's characteristics are better visible during the elections. Once the elections are over, the people or citizens of any country should start working backward to the folly promises or vows entrusted by the political workers.

Too much focus is being concentrated on the particular political establishment for usual if and buts of the polity of folly. I mean the senseless stupid talk about personal attacks on each other. 

Here are some useful articles appeared recently in the popular media. Some are repeating the old things. Before that there are some interesting stuff happening at newly created Pune International Centre.  

"eliminate the nearly 70 clearances (yes 70, according to planning commission’s new manufacturing policy!) for starting a business"

In Kautilya's Arthashastra, this situation is called matsya-nyaya, or law of the fish (in other words, the big fish eat the small). That is why Kautilya argues that the rule of law is the single most important responsibility of the state. 

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