Saturday, March 8, 2014

Narendra Modi Mania-Tall Order or Tall Leader

There comes time when someone seems as ordinary becomes special and extraordinary in a few months time. Like this can only happen in the open-media society like the one we are blessed with now and enjoying in the middle of this revolution. Narendra Modi become one such person for all the good reasons and causes. Modi's ideas have been hot debate now more intensively. Some are very interesting and few are more political in nature. But that is always the case for any persons who work in the political process in any country.

The purpose of this post is to re-count the economic ideas of Mr Modi. Some grant ideas.

  • urbanisation, infrastructure, education and healthcare, apart from cracking down on scourges such as inflation and black money... Modi...wish list includes Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management and All India Institutes of Medical Science in every state, 100 new smart cities and bullet trains to all four corners of the country. 
  • "If the railways is modernised, we can give impetus to progress. By the time the country celebrates the diamond jubilee of independence (2022), we should have bullet trains going in four directions. The world will start seeing us with a new vision,"
  • Modi spoke also of building Brand India through 5 Ts - talent, tradition, trade, tourism & technology and said India’s demographic and democratic dividend along with these plans will set in motion the investment cycle and revive India’s stalled growth.
  • 'Nobody has a textile policy like us. It is based on five Fs. Farm to fibre; fibre to factory; factory to fashion; fashion to foreign,' 
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