Monday, March 10, 2014

B.R. Ambedkar, the greatest economist India never had

Whenever I hear about anything on to B.R.Ambedkar- bear with me- I only think of him as a greatest economist India never had at least so far. Of course, I am not overestimating him as an economist. All I am trying to say is that let's give him due credit to him for what he had achieved by giving wonderful original economic ideas in the field of economics which become dominant factor in the second half of last century. Its, strange that none has bothered to look at his many books and scholarly articles published in professional journals on economics. 

As far as the people are concerned virtually all are passionate about Ambedkar's contributions in the field of politics, social development, constitutional morality, etc. Out of all these, the one which comes to public attention and occasionally the attentions of authors and experts is the issue of Caste on which Ambedkar made some extremely controversial arguments. 

Remember, Ambedkar was neither a Marxist nor socialist. At the age of 45, Ambedkar wrote this text purely for a lecture to be delivered at Lahore but it was not delivered due to its controversial content. His work on Annihilation of Caste is the book which has been revisited by none other than the Marxist and socialist.

Arundhati Roy has written an introduction to the new edition titled Annihilation of Caste: The Annotated Critical Edition B.R. Ambedkar with ‘The Doctor and the Saint’ . The Caravan has published her introduction almost in full version. On the whole, she merely takes Ambedkar's thinking into a wild argument of why people have not taken serious about the Ambedkar's work as compared to M.K Gandhi. Of course, she try to give some idea of the role of castes in India in today's context.

In the early part of introduction Roy writes and rightly so that "Ambedkar was a prolific writer. Unfortunately his work, unlike the writings of Gandhi, Nehru or Vivekananda, does not shine out at you from the shelves of libraries and bookshops." This is something I quite agree with her as a matter of fact. That is all I can agree with her!

M.K.Gandhi vehemently criticized Ambedkar's work by saying its a big challenge to the Hinduism. Ambedkar replied to it with much muse in it.

One of Ambedkar's half-truth-full follower revisited his text and had written about recently in a English magazine. Nothing new in it.

Here you can see the range of people commenting on Ambedkar's revisited work. Why don't we have such similar authors/experts to comment on his economic writings?

The Hindu also carried Roy's shorter version of the introduction. Also another shorter version in the outlook. She also has some long interview with the Outlook magazine. Somehow I did not liked the interview and the kind of words she used.

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