Saturday, December 24, 2011

Make work choices

On 21st of this month I was invited to participate in the third Annual School Choice National Conference organised by the Delhi based free market think thank: Centre for Civil Society headed by Dr Parth Shah.

Out of four sessions, the session on "Disruptive Innovation in Education" was not only great but also a classic. You might ask what made me to say its classic. The two speakers of this session was equally genius and great thinkers on children education. 

The first three sessions were on learning outcomes of children studying in government schools vs private schools. None of the presenters said that the children studying in government schools scored higher in the learning outcomes. Similarly, there was hotbed debate on how teachers perform in government school vs private schools. But it was total blame on all kinds of teachers. 

The interesting part.

Professor Sugata Mitra gave wonderful presentation on how children learn with computer you leave them "alone". It was great fun as well as learning. He explained plainly how we adult should try and understand the use of common senses of children if you leave them alone with an instruments or a thing. If you are not known to Prof Mitra's works. I recommend you should know. I read his piece on "Hole in the wall" some years ago. Also read this one.

The second speaker was Mr.Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind. Though, Mr. Tuli's presentation was not that great as compared to Prof Mintra's but the power of speech he gave was no less than amazing and allows you to ponder over a while to get over on next lines!

Just one thought: Unlike other countries constitution Indian constitution has provision for parents to choose their choice of school to send their children. There are no mandatory option for parents to send their children to school.

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