Saturday, December 17, 2011

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Surjit S Bhalla argues ....At the outset, let me state that there are sufficient rumours about the possibility that the RBI is being dictated to by the Delhi combine of Manmohan Singh and his chief (and it appears, only,) economic adviser, C. Rangarajan. 

Barun point how India missed yet again at Durban....."India has improved its carbon intensity by 32% in the past 15 years as it began to reform its economy and prepared to compete globally. Yet today, India’s carbon intensity is still seven times higher than Japan’s (Chart 2). This indicates there are still huge structural and policy challenges that are preventing India from adopting the best technologies and practices currently available in the world."

Can we have like this one (or more) for spreading liberals values in India?

"Godrej supports the contentious provision. “What the Companies Act envisages is that there is a recommendatory level of 2% of profit after tax for corporate social responsibility and in case you’re not able to spend that much, you must explain it in your annual report,” Godrej said on the sidelines of the second annual conference of the Dalit Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “I think that’s a fairly reasonable provision and I personally do support it.”

Surath Giri from Nepal argues.......quite interestingly that "Free market capitalism that rewards entrepreneurship, risk-taking and innovation, and at the same time provides easy universal access to economic activities to all citizens is a blessing. There are enough evidences that when allowed to work, the market has lifted more people out of the mud and misery of poverty than any government. And it has been true regardless of the culture, tradition, religion, economic base, and civilization of the society practicing it. The most prevalent myth about free market capitalism in Nepal is that in free market capitalism the economy is dominated by cartels and syndicates."

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