Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blinking links

Dr.Surjit Bhalla on says perhaps rightly so "I think a liberal society, which I hope and want India to be, has absolutely no place for reservations of any kind." and "And reservations is not the right policy to enhance the well-being of the poor. Maybe after the noise has settled, Parliament will sponsor the creation of a new Constitution, one based on the principles of rights and justice, and not on the ad hoc principles of state intervention."

Shekhar Gupta explains Mera Neta -dalit, tribal, OBC, upper caste-Chor Hai

Dr. Shubhashis, Research Director,India development Foundation writes something interesting about Indian social science researchers dealing with data: 

  •  the other issue that was brought up was the difficulty of obtaining Indian data. Any researcher reading this will, I am sure, be able to recall many instances of this. In my own experience, I can think of at least two instances that stand out in my memory: (a) in one I could not get the type of access that a foreign researcher could; and (b) in the other, I got access from the foreign researcher at a time when the government organisation in charge of the data was refusing me access to it! In fact, what has helped research is the Right to Information Act and I know of many academics who have obtained data through this Act.

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