Monday, October 10, 2011

The Shala at Chennai!!

I had great experience in participating at the Shala event at Pune in this May.

What I liked about Shala event even more is the fact that the people talked about things at not easy things but important to understand them especially in today's dynamic political economy situations.

At Pune, I was given a great chance to speak on my research of digging into the free market ideas from our very founders of modern India. There is even more interesting ideas coming out soon from my research!!

The Takshashila Institution has just announced another Shala event in Chennai early next month.

Those of you are interested to participate in the event can register yourself. There is no fee charged for this event. In my view, The Takshashila Institution has many committed people for reforming the ills of systemic issues in our country.

Let's join together to make this event happen like our own!!

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