Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free market is good for dalits

Milind Kamble, chairman of Dalit India Chambers of Commerce and Industries said: 

  • Casteand capital can't coexist: "Capitalism dismantles rural societies and feudalism. Capitalism dismantles traditions and traditional cultures. Capitalism produces urban societies, democracy and modernity. India's caste system thrived and survived on agrarianism and traditional culture. Caste is losing its grip over dalits because India is industrializing, urbanizing and modernizing. Dalit capitalism will accelerate that process and will accord a human face to Indian capitalism. Caste and capital can't coexist. One has to give way to the other." 

Also read “Caste and the Market Economy” by Sauvik Chakraverti

  • “I suggest Dalit leaders get interested in the Economics of prosperity. We urban liberals dream not just of making India prosperous; we dream of making India obscenely rich.
  • The Dalits will gain enormously from open markets, economic freedom and urbanisation. As they claim, in their respective economic niches, a greater share of a rapidly growing pie, and as they mingle with caste anonymity in bustling metropolises, they will find the old caste equations disappearing.”

Chetan Bhagat writes:
  • “I have nothing against commercialisation of education. Commerce and business are a good thing. However, when it comes to education, it needs a sense of ethics and quality. Good people must be incentivised to open colleges. Say, by a simple policy fix like allowing private institutes to make a profit……………. These private colleges have played the role of providing students with a chance to earn a degree of their choice. There is nothing wrong in this. It fact, it is even good that the private sector is playing a role in educating our students.

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