Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IS not is Kambara!!

A few days ago was listing the All India Radio after very long time. It was news time. I hear one interesting thing which led me to write here. It is the interview of Mr Chandrashekhara Kambara who is according to Wikipedia:

In one of his interview he said:

  • Age has not hampered my creativity, be it poetry or plays. In fact, I am planning to write a satire on forest brigand late Veerappan, who wielded a lot of clout in the political world. Many Kannada newspapers have requested me to write columns. But I refused as I am someone who uses a lot of metaphors. Newspaper style is dull and does not suit my temperament which is why I have not accepted offers to write columns.

Hope some of you might have read free market economist Sauvik's article on Veerappan (Veerappan as respectable businessman).

I am really looking forward the satire on veerappan!!!

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