Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I too missed the great economist: Sudhir Jayantilal Mulji (1938-2005)

Few days ago I somehow got a link by reading through an article on Indian economy. I once really thought about the ideas or the way Mulji wrote this article which I posted here yesterday. That is a different story.

Later I read about this man who was so close to the Indian classical liberal community. But no one ever told me about this man in my interaction with any of the so called living Indian classical liberals, let alone we all learns from the genius of GOOGLE!!!

I keep telling my readers and friends who utter a word on Indian classical liberals that they (Indian classical liberals) do not believe in the words-unity in diversity.

Here is my bit of reading and knowing about this great man Mulji. I am sure you will enjoy reading his articles, it is really fun and he brings the tradition of history of Indian economic thoughts into the present day political economics that is what amazes me.

CCS President Dr Parth Shah wrote “I remember my last conversation with him about our first seminar on Austrian Economics that we are planning in late August. He was very keen to participate in it and debate the ideas with youngsters at the seminar. He reminded me several times during the conversation to make sure that he got his invite. I know the economics students at the Seminar would have benefited tremendously from his theoretical insights and extensive understanding of the real world. We all will miss it now.

I had attended the Austrian Economics Seminar. I too missed this great man!

According to Shankar Acharya “During his early Bombay years, Sudhir also served as secretary to the Maharashtra wing of the Swatantra party, a responsibility quite consistent with his liberal, market-friendly views.”

Mulji on Kayek:

  • For as with (Friedrich A) Hayek and Kahn on policies of unemployment, wrong signals may lead to bad policies. The story is that during the period of sustained unemployment Kahn asked Hayek the question: "Is it your view that if I went out tomorrow and bought a new overcoat, it would increase unemployment?" Hayek: "Yes, but it would take a very long mathematical argument to explain why." Read full article here. See here at Mises blog whether Hayek said such a thing!!
Some beautiful tributes
  1. Sudhir Mulji-Keynesian columnist and businessman by Paul Levy
  2. Afull and varied life by Shankar Acharya
  3. CCS/Newspapers 

Mulji’s articles (many of his works is interesting, but never assume in one go that he was a lover of Keynes!! though his writings may appear).
  1. Revaluing the yuan
  2. Why deficit finance works
  3. Empowerment vs regulation
  4.  A Keynesian election
  5. Deficit-induced investment
  6. Inflows & exchange fluctuations
  7. From deficit to surplus
  8. Under-valuation or volatility?
  9. External reserves: A Keynesian angle
  10.  Has Keynesism failed? (response to Kaushik Das!!!)
  11. Has the euro failed?
  12. On functional finance (must read)
  13. Mid-term appraisal of the Plan
  14. Concepts of unemployment

 His views: 1

There are several other articles which I have not mentioned here.

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  1. Thanks, Chandra. No time to read right now but have linked him to this list which gets a fair amount of daily traffic from google: http://sabhlokcity.com/2010/07/a-list-of-good-indian-economists/