Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent Socialist Thought in India

That is the title of Chapter Three in the Book Essays in India Politics and Foreign Policy by A Appadorai, published in 1971 y Vikas Publications.

In this Chapter introduction he wrote:

  • “All over the world socialism has the reputation of being like a hat that loses its shape when worn by several people. But the bewildering variety of meanings given to the concept in Indian writings makes one wonder if serious thinking has been given to it or if any consensus on socialism as a way of life can ever be reached. The great political leader Lajpat Rai wrote in his Call to Young India (1920), “We do not understand socialism. We have never studied it. We do not go by dogmas and doctrines.” Nehru thought that “a vague, confused socialism was already part of the atmosphere of India when I returned from Europe in December 1927…Mostly they thought along utopian lines.” (p.27).

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