Friday, October 1, 2010

The World After Gandhi and Life after Ayodhya

Life after Ayodhya by Ramachandra Guha

  • Judging by their statements to visiting reporters, the young students of Ayodhya themselves seem to favour the construction of either a stadium or a hospital. To those eminently reasonable suggestions, a friend has added a third and possibly even better one: why not a park for the citizens of Ayodhya, a town marked — like all such in India — by a conspicuous lack of green and pleasant open spaces?

Mr.Shashi Tharoor on The World After Gandhi

  • ……..Self-reliance is too often a cover for protectionism and a shelter for inefficiency; India has pulled more people out of poverty by its economic reforms of the last two decades than wh en it pursued self-reliance. To d ay’s successful and prosperous countries are those who are able to look beyond spinning char khas to silicon chips — and who give their people the benefits of technological developments which free them from menial and repetitive chores and broaden the horizons of their lives.

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