Monday, October 11, 2010

Make that manners work

In an article Prof Gupta strongly advocates that the material accumulation is perhaps least important than the manners in which we treat others as well as ourselves. Even we went on to say:

  • “Catching up with the West begins with good manners; not cars, stereos or even blue jeans. It is simply a matter of putting the horse before the cart. Manners are all about how we treat others whom we don't know personally, and probably never will. If Europe has a head-start of more than a hundred years over us, it is not because they got to commodities first. The advantage they sprung on the rest of the world was in evolving social manners. While we were still aspiring to be good clients to mercurial patrons, they were learning to treat their social others as equals.”

Of course his goal is different and for that he presented the article from different background than usually one would think on the broader issue of materialism.

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