Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lessons from democracy

India leapt from colony to democracy in 1947 but since 1966 has drifted into quasi-feudocracy. Both Feroze and Nehru would have been dismayed at the fawning culture of servitude that wafts around not only in today's Congress but most Indian political parties. Both men took pride in the independence of individual Congressmen: from that independence flowed the strength of Indian democracy. Today, democracy stands compromised by the nepotic internal structure of the Congress and its regional clones like the DMK, TDP, SP, JD(S) and NCP. If you look hard enough, it is this nepotism and feudocracy that underpin chronic political misgovernance of which Karnataka is only a particularly virulent symptom.


  1. Hi Chandra,

    I just stumbled on your blog and am thrilled to find a prolific right-liberal blogger. Your effort to record Savik's published articles is great too! I myself collect right-liberals news at and will definitely add your blogs to my reading list. Kudos for all your work.

    Are you associated with any right-liberal organization?


  2. many thanks Balaji for visiting this blog.Souvik's article are important for Indians especially the generation to come so I thought of collecting available articles and posted in separate blog.