Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Law that does not matter

Bihar’s Dy CM said in an interview to TOI:

Has your government turned Bihar's economy around?

  • Ours has been a major achievement in road, health and education sectors. Good law and order is a sine qua non for turning around an economy. That's because no industrialist, realtor, contractor, service provider or farmer can work in a place that is infamous for crime. Bihar was like that before we came to power. We ensured the conviction of 50,000 criminals through speedy trials and now the law and order situation is there for everyone to see. Families can be seen watching night (film) shows, which was unthinkable during the 15 years of Laluji's jungle raj.

  • Also, yo u need manpower to execute development projects. When we assumed power, there were no doctors, teachers, block development officers or circle officers, because appointments were not made during the preceding 15 years. We appointed 4.3 lakh people. The process of giving jobs to another 1.7 lakh would be completed by the time we complete our term in November. For the first time in the last two decades, you can find one BDO and one CO in every block of the state.

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