Saturday, September 25, 2010

Law for votes not for governance

Mr.Bimal Jalan is former RBI Governor and author of The Future of India — Politics, Economics and Governance. I have read this book during my visits to few metro cities in this July/August. Fortunately, when I was in city I attended some of Jalan’s talks and interactions but I never told him that I have been reading his book because I really wanted to know a bird’s eye view of his understanding of India and the world.

When I finished reading his book I really felt that he his more of moderator than a true believer of liberal ideas. Though he often tends to believe readers of his book as he is liberal ideas believer but it does not fully convinced me. But still it seems to me to be that he is of the view of limited democracy is essential! I have read many of his other writings. Here is a bit from his today’s Column in BS:

“There is nothing new about the disappointment of citizens and columnists with the indifferent performance of ministers, bureaucratic inefficiency and widespread corruption. What is new is that, cutting across different sections of media and policy preferences of editors and columnists, there is an emerging consensus that government has become largely non-functional.

Note: His education at Cambridge and Oxford is not known, probably to many!

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