Monday, July 15, 2013

Trade, Naoroji and Poodbill

" trade areas should all be seen as building blocks of a liberal international order that could include and embrace China. China would obviously then have a right to shape that order, alongside Western powers, but its participation would also eventually help to move China domestically towards more openness, pluralism and rule of law, as desired by a growing number of its own people." More here.

"Naoroji, five-thousand miles away in London, only learned of his son’s death through a series of telegrams dispatched from Mandvi and Bombay. One can imagine the sense of shock, loneliness, and utter helplessness he felt after receiving these brief messages, knowing full well how impossible it was to avail of family support and solace in this time of grief. A telegram reading ‘console Dad’ provided the only fragile link with family members back home in Bombay." More here.

Illusion that was called pBill. "Putting aside for a moment the wide-ranging fiscal implications of the Bill, which are clearly negative, it needs to be evaluated under many non-financial criteria. There is a clear distinction between having needs and being needy. It is nobody’s case that the needy should not be protected. But is it fair to artificially pander to well above the majority of the population?"

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