Friday, July 12, 2013

Good reading

"This still leaves unanswered the question we raised earlier: how does this help the BJP reach out to the ideologically uncommitted voters it needs to win close to 200 seats? The prevailing wisdom seems to be that Modi’s stewardship of Gujarat has been so efficient, particularly in terms of economic development, that Indians committed to economic modernity — shareholders looking for a return on their investment, corporate houses frustrated by red tape, young people looking for jobs, farmers hungry for irrigation and electricity, the urban middle classes thwarted by bureaucratic irrationality and corruption, ordinary citizens maddened by absent infrastructure — will vote for a Modi-led BJP because their first priority is ‘governance’, not an unfortunate spasm of violence that happened more than a decade ago." More here

A large section of the Indian middle class, though living in the country, is in a state of mental exile.

While we were silent

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