Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time to be CHANGE, yourself

I really don't think I should educate my readers rather I always feel that I should share what I (seems) read when I get time. And therefore, I don't want to write often in this blog by putting all those, if's, but's, because, yet, although, while, when, etc. on day to day uttering of politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, journalists and so on.

But let me utter something today on our nation!

Nation never waits for anyone to come up with a vision to change it, rather we the people try to change our-self every time when we feel there is something wrong in us or on others. Of course, there is always some kind of shoddy polity in any society and India is no different in this respect. But this small size and scale of shoddy polity moves across the spectrum of the society and destroys the cosmos of the basic human life. Mobs of power hungry people makes simple life into complex one almost forever for people who are otherwise lives in harmony.

Some French author wrote close to a century ago that the modern day political system was created by people who were unemployed and had nothing to do of their own. They lacked basic skills to do a simple job for basic living. At present, the ruling power in India seems to be in complete faith on the French author's description on politics.

I strongly believe that the quality of polity is quite dynamic concept when we do not have faithful leader to lead the nation.

This is high time to change the leadership in Indian polity. The one who articulates more with passion and clarity should be allowed to test his or her skills in improving the living conditions of poor not by making dependent but making people worthy by themselves.

Probably you know what I wanted to say!

Nothing new, but just read the Modi's few lines from his lecture which he gave in Pune and ponder about it for a minute!

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