Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some Good articles

Prof Jagdish Bhagwati writes "In fact, Indians may be surprised to note that, while the enhanced US economic and poli-tical interest in India has been the policy preference of Clinton, Bush and Obama, the intensity with which that preference was held is generally considered to have been the greatest under Bush. Perhaps an anecdote will illustrate this most effectively."

"when it comes to corruption, there is no political party with only Kauravas and no party with only Pandavas"

"Fine, but let’s hope Sen will also estimate deaths caused by faulty policies that historically kept India’s GDP growth slow, and have once again slowed growth today."

"For instance, a 2005 study by Timothy Besley, Rohini Pande and Vijayendra Rao finds that gram sabha meetings are positively correlated with better targeting of BPL cards to the poorer villagers."

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