Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Economic reforms are very important for creation of wealth"

The below is a bit from the interview of Mr.Chandrababu Naidu, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh:
After losing two elections, are you regretting the economic reforms you initiated ? 
No. I have no regrets. In hindsight, I think I should have gone with reforms carefully, in phases. Had I done so, the state would have been on a different footing altogether by now. Today both people are suffering and I am also suffering. I am now making extra efforts to educate the public about my policies. 
So you are not going to give up on economic reforms, right? 
Economic reforms are very important for creation of wealth. I am conscious now of the importance of taking the benefits of such economic reforms to the common man. We have to balance between reforms and their benefits. Otherwise there is no meaning for economic reforms. 

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  1. Unless the mechanics of reforms are so fine tuned that the fruits of gains of development and growth are equitably distributed without any discrimination and at the same time deliberately prevents being pocketed by microscopic few enjoying political and ,muscle or financial power etc...