Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Professor Amartya Sen is wrong, again

10 reasons why Amartya Sen is wrong about food security bill

Stuck record: Why Amartya Sen is wrong on food security again

"A report by lined to a very senior journalist said that on August 31, Manmohan met UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and told her that his office had cleared the questionable coal allotments on the recommendation of her political secretary Ahmed Patel, thus washing his hands of the tainted allotments and telling Sonia  that he had no role or interest in determining who the  beneficiaries should be. And laying the blame close at the party’s door, the PM said that his then principal secretary T K A Nair had merely coordinated  the allotments as desired by Patel. No Pundit is needed to say that Patel means Sonia herself. But who will investigate Manmohan  when he is the Prime Minister? And who will investigate Patel when Sonia is the president of the party which runs the government." More here.

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