Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New age of Liberalism in India

Two friends have contributed interestingly. Rajeev and Harsh has a piece in the Indian Express here, their other articles are here. Ghanshyam has  a piece on Hinduism and capitalism in India in Centre Right India.

Rajeev and Harsh concludes with the below paras:

  • Liberals of all hues should advocate for strengthening the law-and-order machinery so that no violence — irrespective of its antecedents — goes unpunished. State welfare programmes should be targeted to those in economic need, and not bluntly based upon caste or religious identity. The government also shouldn't have discretion on what constitutes offensive speech, to prevent politicians from fuelling competitive intolerance.
  • When the state has no discretion to pick certain groups as winners, fraternity is more likely to prevail because socio-economic intercourse, unlike political competition, is not a zero-sum game. India needs more liberalism — rule of law, open markets, separation of identity and state — not its leftist perversion.

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