Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shri Dondu Raghavan Sir is no more

It was a big sad day for me yesterday. The news came from my good friend Shri Jayakamal who informed that one of our great Tamil blogger and translator is no more.

The great Tamil blogger and Asia's No.1 Tamil translator Shri Dondu Raghavan Sir is no more with us. He passed away day before yesterday due to sudden heart attack. I had the pleasure of meeting in Chennai along with my friends. I still cannot forget a single word from our conversation! I miss him a lot.

Here is a great editorial in the Tamil Dinakaran newspaper on Shri Dondu Sir. 

He used to write a great Tamil blog called "Dondus dos and dont donts". He last blog post was on 4th February, 2013. He also wrote a English blog called "Musings of a Translator"

There was no one to compete with him on translation works among languages like Tamil, English, German, French and Hindi not only in India but in entire Asia!!

He had translated many of English articles into Tamil that I and my great friend Shre Jayakamal shared with him after reading. The following are some list:

Articles sent by Jayakamal:

4. சார்நீங்கதான் ஆடம் ஸ்மித்னு நினைக்கிறேன் ( 

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