Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Milton Friedman@100

Today, the late versatile economics freedom loving professor Milton Friedman turns 100 year old. World over, celebrations have began, some write a piece of article, some put video contest, some write few blog posts, some organize lecture, some organize debate/discussion, some organize a freedom walk (India, Pune!!), some organize sweet talk among friends and some do it some or all the above for disagreement with whatever Professor Milton Friedman said in his life time.  

To me. Friedman was a kind of window through him and his works I saw the world of argument for and against on economics, of course the free market economics. Regarding his monetary economics stand, I differed to agree with Prof F A Hayek.

Simply, I often tell my peer group to remind and to students by way of introduction that Friedman means the following:
Here is a list of some others:
  1. Prof Donald J. Boudreaux's article on "Milton Friedman, a centennial appreciation"
  2.  Friedman on India
  3. Happy 100th birthday Milton Friedman
  4. Milton Friedman’s Century
  5. Time's Milton Friedman, Freedom Fighter

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