Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Liberals by caste!!

Mr Ramachandra Guha has a very interesting book review article in The New Republic titled "The Other Liberal Light". He reviews two different book: one on pre-Independent India and second one on post Independent India. First is by an historian and the second is by a sociologist. 

At least to me, he disappoints in the first part of the review. In the second part I somehow enjoyed a bit more.

Probably in the first part he could added few things from his work which he recently published. I am talking about his book on Makers of Modern India.

Nevertheless, the review piece provokes few strong questions on achievement of different matter in post Independent India. Largely he Mr.Guha focuses on social and political freedom aspects. And he leave out the entire economic freedom part. May be one has to read the books to find out whether authors themselves have left out that part or not because that will be biggest failure in both these books.

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