Saturday, May 5, 2012

Social activities are wired

I some time think, normally when I am in complete leisure, that many of economic theories discovered or analysed in a new format in western countries in the last 100 years or so can be easily observed in Indian society even without any hardcore statistical data sets. 

What made to write the above lines is the article on "why we prefer social conventions to rigid rules" by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha in today's Mint. 

In a sort of concluding way he argues that:

  • "The entire debate on why the Indian government has been unable to spend enough on things that benefit all citizens may then have to be reconsidered in terms of our own social preferences, more specifically our historical inability to broaden the arc of cooperation. It is what could lie at the root of a common sight in our neighbourhoods: swank cars parked on broken roads or air-conditioned homes overlooking open gutters or loud music played outside the hospitals that treat us."
It does bring at the end the wired thinking rather I say rooted behavioural patterns of Indian society.

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