Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Upto, All that I'm

I had wonderful trip yet again to Kolkata and North Eastern State. It was extremely fun and interesting to meet people and talk to them about the new change in their State. First I went to Kolkata for two days and then moved to Agartala, Tripura for three days.

In Kolkata, I met two important friends. I had wonderful catch up with Professor Subroto Roy (see here for his profile). We talked about the role of policy makers in Delhi particularly the technocratic economists and his thoughts about great economists and freedom lovers like Prof F A Hayek, Von Mises, Milton Friedman, Peter Bauer, B R Shenoy, Sudha Shenoy etc. 

I also met my friend Harsh. We had very interesting conversation broadly touching upon liberal politics in India, BJP vs Congress, Narendra Modi as Prime Minister candidate, some noted Indian economists/social scientists and their writings, young liberal scholars studying abroad especially in United States of America etc.

The following are some interesting reading:

"politicians in a democracy are opportunistic rascals." by Swaminathan Aiyar 

"It's your entire life — not just an event" by Aamir Khan


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