Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RTE, and its folly

When it comes any idea in practice compared to in theory, it carries a different weight to different people. In theory, if one defines an idea loosely with politically correct guessing hardly anyone disagrees. While, in the course of debating about the same idea in practice, people very often forgets its roots in wider sense. 

If I may say so, the era of next decade (i.e. 2010-2020) will be the era of upholding what is not just right but also what is not right food.

That leaves me to point here a wonderful piece "Making lemonade from lemons" by good friends Rajvee and Harsh in Livemint.

Many people give no thought to this simple lines: "Liberals do not oppose RTE based on prejudice; they oppose it primarily because of its focus on centralized statism. RTE is first and foremost against private property and free association." 

Also read the news item published in last Sunday Express on "The build up to 25 percent".

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