Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three cheers!!

First, here is our latest piece in Forbes India magazine titled "India should re-wrap Economic Reforms".

Secondly, another friend had a piece in the DNA Newspaper titled "Giving currency to a blatant lie in Gandhi's name".

Thirdly, I read two very interesting books. One is old and second one is new. The first one is "Timeless Inspirator Relieving Gandhi". Second one is "Confessions of a Swadeshi Reformer". Both are interesting in their own way. However, being a student of economics the later one is more interesting because it tells you more lively what had actually happened in the 1990 while Indian economy faced the balance of payment crisis. Second more interesting and is also equally narrated with careful understanding is the fact that who is the original reformers after 1990.

Sabha and Professor B R Shenoy

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