Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Of the Dr B R Ambedkar

There is no limit for making mistakes on the life and work of a person if the person has passed away. I have been reading the pathetic mistakes made by the so called academicians in India and abroad on Dr B R Ambedkar. I cannot tolerate anymore. Blast it here for once and all!! The latest case is the classic among the tragedies of wrongly writing about Ambedkar.

Prof Sonalde Desai (socialist and communist!!) writes:

  • "B S Ambedkar’s razor-sharp vision of social inequality helped shape the Constitution" 

Similarly, in the article "How Much Should a Person Consume?" Ramachandra Guha writes:

  • “The poem spoke reverentially of the great untouchable leader B R Ambedkar (1889-1956), and, especially, of the dark blue suit that Ambedkar invariably wore in the last three decades of his life.”

At times, I feel these so called experts do terrible mistakes which we have been forced to accept as "typing errors"!

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