Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Of the let-it-go-of-its own order!!

Thanks to Amit Verma for pointing out the article on "Tragic truths about caste" in India by Shikha Dalmia published in The Daily. The main argument of the article is how the market forces spontaneously, help, keep unfolding the practice of caste system in the Indian society. There is nothing new in the arguments. It is good that the State has not put its noose for regulating through any ill-fit law. Of course, there are laws through which the State acts as regulatory to reduce any such "tragic truths" about castes in India. The end results in the past, as it can been seen from history of Indian caste system, always, it is the State which had have promoted caste system as a prime tool for vote motive in and around the election games.

It is well recorded that the Indian economic reforms invariably helped to enlarge the opportunities for dalit community. If you have still not read I mean in the above line. Do read it now. Here are some list:

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