Friday, June 10, 2011

The cruel joke of 3 decades of CPI (M) rule in WB

The title of this post has many connotations to argue.

But I suggest you to read first the worst and crud jokes of argument by JNU Professor Patnaik here. Sorry, it will be a big punishment to read the articles of these people in this blog!!

And then you must read the piece by Mr. Aadisht Khanna. It is very well argued piece and worth to read and ponder it!

To start with Khanna writes: 
  • Professor Patnaik explains that one good thing the CPI(M) has going for it is that it's anti-imperialistic, and that it's the only anti-imperialistic party in India. I suppose that is important for people who are concerned about imperialism. Personally, I wish that they had concentrated a little less on anti-imperialism and a little more on the healthcare system in West Bengal. As things stand, they seem to have neglected healthcare to the extent that every Bengali with a mild cough and cold has left Bengal and come to Apollo Hospital in Greams Road, Chennai, for treatment. I was there this week and I was surrounded by Bengalis. It was like being at Eden Gardens, or Citibank, or Larsen and Toubro. Even the Apollo pharmacy's signboard was in Bengali, not Tamil. To read and hear Bengali in the home of divine classical Tamizh, Madras Bashai, and IITM Lingo is unexpected and alarming. But that's the price to be paid for anti-imperialism, I suppose. Such is life. 

  • I can see Professor Patnaik right now in my mind's eye. He's striding up and down impassionedly, wagging his beard (somehow, I imagine him with a beard - I don't know if he actually has one or not), and yelling at some hapless students. 'You bloody fools! Stop paying attention to what you can see and hear! Empiricism is not the way to go!' Like Majikthise and Vroomfondel, Professor Prabhat demands a total absence of solid facts.

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