Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another forgotten day for B R Shenoy’s birthday!!!!

It is good that we celebrate Adam Smith's birthday (1 and 2). But it is extremely bad that we forget to celebrate our own great economist and Professor B R  Shenoy who fought for what we all enjoy the good social life with huge comfort!!! What stops to remember his name than the Adam Smith? I have no objection for celebrating the Adam Smith!!

Professor B.R.Shenoy was born on June 3, 1905. This year his 106th year birthday!!! It was even strange that the some of Indian liberals have celebrated Prof.F A Hayek's centenary birthday!!! And doing enormous injustice to Professor B.R Shenoy for his centenary birthday!!! I do aware of the lecture on Shenoy's Centenary year!! It was just passing one!!

Only time will tell the truths!!!

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  1. Let's not worry about Shenoy's birthday (or anyone else's). That's interesting but not meaningful. It is important to spread the basic ideas of freedom. They don't come associated with a name. They are universal.