Monday, August 16, 2010

Retail corruption-The curtly killer of poor

In this world of globalised human settlement what is more matter is retail corruption than the wholesale corruption. But it does not mean that the wholesale corruption is not important. The retail corruption is more like instant killer among poorer section of the society. What they earn a little penny is theft under the big bang of bureaucratic administration which leaves them a rump of empty hands.

Mohit Satyanand lines his questions that “Every year, Income tax disputes run into tens of thousands of crores, defence contracts worth billions of dollars are awarded, and real estate transactions worth hundreds of thousands of crores need to be entered into the registers of our sub-registrars. Does any Indian adult really believe that any of these transactions are completed without 'facilitation fees' being paid?

I few years when I met him in one of the conference where he gave us a small game with chocolates through which he explained us how people allocate their resources when left themselves and how the State or Government allocate the resources through planning.

Our babus first tell us the resources are scare before they allocate them! So that they can have their share in it!

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