Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happiness or pleasures

I use to read regularly the weekly coverage of 'the third EYE' in the Indian Express. The last question is always asked about the 'happiness'. When the Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer was interviewed he answered which is absolutly a fair answer than expected from a hardcore Marxist of himself than the CPI!

Unfortunately the link is not available.

Anyway what Benjamin Disraeli poem take us through:

“Happiness doesn’t occur by itself

You cause it to happen or not,

Yours is the choice to be unhappy in life

Or to be content with the life you’ve got.

How you relate to life’s events

Determines your joy and misery,

Whether your feelings are mean or kind

Your attitude to life is the key.

You can make up your mind to be happy

Life will be more rewarding if you do

For happiness is a state of mind

Developed and controlled by you.

Don’t wait to be happy until things are just right

Don’t let life’s little annoyances get in the way.

You can be as happy as you decide to be

And you can decide to be happy today.”

From Bureaucracy Today, August 2010, P.50

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