Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The pathetic comrades

Mr Aiyar argues very eloquently that the price decontrol is with rational logic:

  • Inflation is caused by faulty fiscal , monetary and trade policies, not by price decontrol.
  • Communists perpetrated mass murder of another sort, based on class rather religion, but with as little moral or factual basis.
  • Communists who condemn this blindly as ‘international financial capital speculation’ are simply exposing their ignorance.
  • These comrades need bogeymen to justify their life-long defence of communist murder and torture in pursuit of a bankrupt economic ideology. Rather than learn from the collapse of the Soviet Union, they would rather use old, hollow slogans to justify the unjustifiable. When exposed by newspapers like this one, they have no factual reply, but repeat empty slogans about the pink press being the voice of international financial capital. How pathetic!

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