Saturday, June 5, 2010

Need for an Ideal Money

In my reading list the Ideal Moeyn become more important piece as for as understanding of Money is concerned (in classic al view). And why many people in academia and research field particularly in India blindly turn to Keynes probations and preach the same as what he has proposed indented/un-intently.

I have learned from Prof John Nash article Ideal Money (also read 1) in which he agrees with Prof Hayek’s idea of choices in currency. In fact he notes that:

“I learned of the work and publications of Friedrich von Hayek. I must say that my thinking is apparently quite parallel to his thinking with regard to money and particularly with regard to the nontypical viewpoint regarding the functions of the authorities that in recent times have been the sources of currencies (earlier coinage).”

Also read:

On Ideal Money: Essay in Honor of Nash, Hayek, and Mises

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