Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baseless Cup-sup-hope

One can view the below lines with a Zen sense of mind!

  • “We are a mosaic of societies caught in the crossfire of history and modernity, and to surge forward to industrial-age efficiency, we need lateral competitive ability rather than the small, elitist segment to which it is presently restricted.”

However, it is not that easy to accept the bogus survey results like the one below because the kind of political propagandas implemented is of the view of against of human action but not on the natural causes. A truly educated youths would not take the view of this survey because that is what the liberal art education provides.

  • “It’s truly a marvel that consciousness about global warming and the environment is not an urbane idiom any longer. An overwhelming proportion (67.4%) of Indian literate youth (67.4% regardless whether dropout or not) felt these are serious issues whereas just 7.4% said they were not. About 80% of respondents recognised the threat to biodiversity as serious while 86.5%assertedthegovernmentmusttakeserioussteps to address the problems of the environment.
  • The urban-rural gap, insofar as overall environmentalism is concerned, is quite slim actually. For instance, while 73% of town youth felt for global warming, we have 64% of villagers with the same view. For biodiversity, we have 82% of city youngsters worried, while the consciousness is as high as 77% for village-bred youngsters.”

Read the full piece here.

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